Plan a Trip to Our Drive-Thru Zoo in Jefferson, TX

Encounter Exotic Wildlife Without Taking A Flight

There's no need to search far and wide for a place to see exotic animals. Busy B Ranch Wildlife Park, LLC offers residents and visitors of the Jefferson, TX area the chance to have up-close encounters with a wide variety of wildlife.

Our drive-thru zoo & drive-thru safari allows you to remain in the comfort of your vehicle while viewing our animal enclosures. With more than 20 years of experience caring for wildlife, we have the skills needed to keep our animals comfortable and happy. Call 903-665-4093 now to plan your visit to our wildlife park.

Make your visit fun and educational

Want to impress everyone }|in your vehicle when you visit our drive-thru zoo? Check out the following trivia about some of our animals:

Which of our herbivores is also the third largest of its species? The African-spurred tortoise
Which of our animals is considered critically endangered? The addax
Which of our animals live in herds of ten to twenty and have teeth that never stop growing? The capybaras

Now you're ready to spout off your new knowledge and sound like a pro zoologist during your tour. Visit our local family-owned zoo today.

About Us

Welcome to Busy B Ranch Wildlife Park located 6 miles North of Jefferson Texas. Join us on a Drive- Thru safari adventure featuring over 50 species of native wildlife & exotic animals from all across the world. Take a tour on over 3 miles of all-weather roads & cover over 125 acres of beautiful East Texas scenery consisting of pastures, creek bottoms, Hardwoods, rolling hills & the heart of East Texas pine plantation. You will even see the picturesque view from one of the highest points in Marion County. All of this is done from the comfort & safety of your own vehicle. Enjoy feeding & viewing our native & exotic animals in their own environment. You can enjoy our animals year round through the various stages of antler development on our males to baby season on our females. Come take a drive on the wild side.

Plan your next special occasion with us

There's no shortage of reasons to visit our wildlife park. You can plan a school field trip at the zoo for your students, give your child a zoo birthday party or book a cabin rental to stay on property. Plus, we host Zoo Boo weekends around Halloween. Ask about our first responder and teacher discounts by calling 903-665-4093 now.